RO Ball Award Past Winners

2023 RO Ball Award Winners

First Place: Jessica Vehof, University of Saskatchewan
"Effects of sow grouping practices on mixing aggression and production"

Second Place: Tausha Prisnee, University of Alberta
"Kazachstania slooffiae alters immune system function and promotes an anerobic environment"

2022 RO Ball Award Winners

First Place: Alison Jeffery, University of Montreal
"Immunological evaluation of an autogenous vaccine used in sows to protect piglets against Streptococcus suis infections."

Second Place: Carley Camire, University of Saskatchewan
"The effect of limiting dietary non-essential amino acids on lysine requirement for protein deposition in growing pigs"

2021 RO Ball Award Winners

First Place: Mariia Tokareva, University of Saskatchewan
"The Impact of Providing Periodic Exercise on the Welfare of Stall-Housed Gestating Sows"

Second Place: Joaquin Sanchez-Zannatta, University of Alberta
"Feeding Barley Instead of Wheat Grain Can Achieve Similar Growth Performance in Weaned Pigs"

2020 RO Ball Award Winners 
Julia Linck Moroni, Univ. of Alberta & Ben Willing,
BPS Awards Committee
Theresa LantzUniv. of Alberta & Ben Willing,
BPS Awards Committee

First Place:
Julia Linck Moroni, University of Alberta
"Influence of litter weight birth phenotype on embryonic and placental development"

Second Place: Theresa Lantz, University of Alberta
"Use of near-infrared spectroscopy as an inexpensive, fast and non-destructive method for intramuscular fat analysis in pork chops"

2019 RO Ball Award Winners 
Victoria Seip, Univ. of Guelph & Ben Willing,
BPS Awards Committee
Mariia TokarevaUniv. of Saskatchewan & Ben Willing,
BPS Awards Committee

First Place:
Victoria Seip, University of Guelph
"Impact of iron status on growth performance and antibody production in weaned pigs"

Second Place: Mariia Tokareva, University of Saskatchewan
"A comparison of motivation for exercise and stall-housed sows and gilts"

2018 RO Ball Award Winners 

Jill Hugman, Univ. of Alberta, Ben Willing, BPS Awards Committee & Danilo Sotto, Univ. of Saskatchewan

First Place: Danilo Sotto, University of Saskatchewan
"Feeding acid-preserved high moisture barley and its interaction with particle size on weanling pig performance and nutrient digestibility

Second Place: Jill Hugman, University of Alberta
"Growth performance of weaned pigs fed raw, cold-pelleted, steam-pelleted, or extruded field pea"

2017 RO Ball Award Winners 

Stephanie GartnerUniv. of Alberta, Ben Willing, BPS Awards Committee & Jean-Philippe MartineauUnivLavel

First Place: Jean-Philippe MartineauUniversite Laval
"Partial substitution by organic trace minerals on gilt growth, production and longevity and progeny growth performance"

Second Place: Stephanie Gartner, University of Alberta
"The effects of administering amoxicillin early in life on inflammation and insulin secretion in the porcine pancreas"

2016 RO Ball Award Winners 

Amanda PerriUniv. of Guelp, Ben Willing, BPS Awards Committee & Jingjing Cabahug, Univ. of Saskatchewan

First Place: Amanda Perri, University of Guelph
"The association of zinc-oxide usage in nursery pig diets with post-weaning anemia"

Second Place: Jingjing Cabahug, University of Saskatchewan
"Evaluation of ATP bioluminescence method for rapid assessment of cleanliness of commercial hog transport trailers"

2015 RO Ball Award Winners 

Janelle Fouhse, Univ. of Alberta & Ben Willing, BPS Awards Committee

First Place: Nathalie May, University of Alberta
"Identification of seminal plasma proteins associated with boar fertility"

Second Place: Janelle Fouhse, University of Alberta
"Starch & fibre characteristics of barley influence site of energy digestion in ileal-cannulates grower pigs"

2014 RO Ball Award Winners 

Nathalie May, Univ. of Alberta, Michael Dyck, BPS Awards Committee & Xun Zhou, Univ. of Alberta

First Place: Xun Zhou, University of Alberta
"Nutrient digestibility of solvent-extracted B. napus and B. juncea canola meals and their air-classified fractions to growing pigs"

Second Place: Nathalie May, University of Alberta
"Selection of superior sires and identification of seminal plasma proteins associated with boar fertility"

2013 RO Ball Award Winners 

Janelle FouhseUniv. of Alberta, Dr. Ron Ball & Xun ZhouUniv. of Alberta

First Place: Janelle Fouhse, University of Alberta
"Dietary amylose affects gut microbiota and VFA concentration in weaned pigs"

Second Place: Xun Zhou, University of Alberta
"Effects of feeding high- and low-fibre fractions of air-classified, solvent-extracted canola meal on diet nutrient digestibility and growth performance of weaned pigs"

2012 RO Ball Award Winners 

Miranda SmitUniv. of Alberta, Leila Dominquex, Univ. of Saskatchewan, Laura Eastwood, Univ. of Saskatchewan & Michael Dyck, BPS Awards Committee 

First Place: Miranda Smit , University of Alberta
"Effect of 3n-PUFA supplementation to sows on fatty acid profiles in serum and embryos"

Second Place: Leila Dominquez, University of Saskatchewan
"Evaluation of heating systems in the swine grow-finish rooms"

Third Place: Laura Eastwood, University of Saskatchewan
"Dietary omega-6 to 3 fatty acid ratios affect body fat mobilization in high producing sows"

2011 RO Ball Award Winner

Alvin Alvarado, Univ. of Saskatchewan & Dr. Ron Ball

First Place: Alvin Alvardo, University of Saskatchewan
"Reducing gas emissions from swine barns using zinc oxide nanopartticles"