2020 Exhibitors

Thanks to the generous financial support of our sponsors, the Banff Pork Seminar continues to bring leading edge technology and information to the pork industry. Please stop by the Exhibitor Hall and meet with some of our sponsors.

 Alberta Pork  
 Automated Production  
 Barkman Concrete Ltd.   
 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health  
 Champion Alstoe Animal Health  
 DNA Genetics  
 EastGen & IMV Canada  
 Fast Genetics  
 Innovative Heating Technologies  
 Ketchum Manufacturing  
 Marex Solutions  
 Maximus Systems  
 Merck Animal Health  
 Minitube Canada  
 Modern Veterinary Therapeutics  
 New Standard West Equipment  
 Schippers Canada Ltd.  
 SEC Repro Inc,  
 Swine Innovation Porc  
 Topigs Norsvin Canada