Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are presented both Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates will be able to choose two morning breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday) and two afternoon breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday).   *program is subject to change

Morning Breakout Sessions

1. Mycotoxins
Session Sponsor: Canadian Bio-Systems

Prevalence & Effects of Mycotoxins on Canadian & North American Pork Production
Max Hawkins, Alltech
Speaker Sponsor by: Alltech

Mycotoxin Detection & Solutions
Don Giesting, Cargill Animal Nutrition
Speaker Sponsor: Cargill Animal Nutrition Canada & Provimi North America

2. Labour Workshop
Session Sponsor: Sunterra Farms

Personality Testing & Profiling
Trish Hyshka, Sunterra Farms
Speaker Sponsor: Sunterra Farms

3. Feeding the Grow-Finish Pig
Session Sponsor: h@ms Marketing

The Challenges of Estimating Optimal Nutrient Allowances in Growing-Finishing Pigs & the Future of the Swine Industry
Candido Pomar, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Speaker Sponsor: Swine Innovation Porc

An Update on Amino Acid Requirements for Swine - Nursery & Grow-Finish
Bob Goodband, Kansas State University

4. Piglet Management
Session Sponsor: Canadian Pork Council

Nutrition to Support Healthy Weaned Pigs
Joel Spencer, JBS United
Speaker Sponsor: JBS United

10K Start-Up Experience in Mexico
Gustavo Pizarro, Pipestone Veterinary Services
Ezequiel Guardado, Soles
Speaker Sponsor: PIC

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

5. Newest Innovations

Highlighting New & Innovative Technology from Around the Globe
Mike Cronin, Cronin Family Farms

Results & Perspectives about Automated Water Intake Recording, Infrared Thermography & Visual Systems
Frédéric Fortin, CDPQ
Speaker Sponsor: Swine Innovation Porc

Finding New Technologies for the Pork Industry 
Lee Whittington, Prairie Swine Centre

6. Sow Lifetime Productivity
Session Sponsor: DSM Nutritional Products

George Foxcroft Lectureship in Swine Production
Foot Print of Sow Management
Mark Wilson, Zinpro Corporation
Speaker Sponsor: Zinpro Corporation

AI Management to Optimize Sow Productivity
Michael Dyck, University of Alberta

Piglet Livability as KPI and How to Influence
Ad van Wesel, Cargill Animal Nutrition
Speaker Sponsor: Cargill Animal Nutrition

7. Swine Health & Antibiotics
Session Sponsor: Protekta Inc. and Zoetis Canada Inc. 

New Antibiotic Use Guidelines – Regulation and Industry Guidelines
Egan Brockhoff, Prairie Swine Health Services

Raised Without Antibiotics – Analyzing the Impact to Biologic and Economic Performance
Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Services Ltd.

Transition to Antibiotic-Free Production - On-Farm Management Strategies
Greg Wideman, South West Ontario Veterinary Services
Speaker Sponsor: South West Ontario Veterinary Services

8. Innovators (Wednesday Only)

Winning Innovations for the F.X. Aherne Prize in Innovative Pork

Finalist Presentations for the R.O. Ball Young Scientist Grad Student Competition