Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are presented both Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates will be able to choose two morning breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday) and two afternoon breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday).   
*program is subject to change

Morning Breakout Sessions

1. Meat Quality

Canadian Pork Quality with Confidence
Michael Young, Canada Pork International
Speaker Sponsor: Canada Pork International

Pork, More Than Just a Good Source of Protein
Brian Sullivan, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc.
Speaker Sponsor: Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc.

2. Animal Welfare & Transport
Session Sponsor: Canadian Pork Council

Canadian Livestock Transport Program Update
Stéphane BeaudoinGestBEAu Inc.
Speaker Sponsor: GestBEAU Inc. 

The Danish Way to Sustainable Solutions to Animal Welfare Challenges
Niels-Peder Nielsen, SEGES

3. Feed Efficiency
Session Sponsor: Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition

Genomic Advances to Increase Feed Efficiency & Carcass Quality of Grow Finish Pigs
Graham Plastow, University of Alberta

Feeding Programs to Optimize Feed Efficiency & Carcass Quality of Grow Finish Pigs 
Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University
Speaker Sponsor: Alberta Animal Nutrition Lecture

4. Human Resources
Session Sponsor: Sunterra Farms Ltd.

Business Development & Management 
Karen Kerns, Kerns & Associates

Utilizing High & Low Skill Worker Programs in Canada
Andrea De Groot, Ontario Pork Industry Council

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

5. Managing the Robust Pig
Session Sponsor: Champion Alstoe Animal Health

Batch Farrowing - Tools to Bullet Proof the Sow Farm
Blaine Tully, Swine Health Professionals Ltd.

Batch Farrowing Conversion - What to Expect
Sylven Blouin, Jyga Technologies

Nutrition Related Factors Affecting Pig Survivability
Marcio Goncalves, Jefo Nutrition Inc.
Speaker Sponsor: Jefo Nutrition Inc.

6. Sow Longevity
Session Sponsor: Karyotekk Inc. & Pharmgate Animal Health

Gilt Management for Improved Sow Lifetime Productivity 
Jenny Patterson, University of Alberta 

Economics of Sow Longevity
Derald Holtkamp, Iowa State University

Sow Mortality - Causes & Consequences 
Jerry Torrison, University of Minnesota
Speaker Sponsor: University of Minnesota

7. Big Data & Technology
Session Sponsor: h@ms  Marketing

Smart Systems in Pig Production
Tom Stein, Maximus Systems

Augmented Intelligence for Better Swine Breeding
Bram Visser, Hendrix Genetics 

Farm Center Data Integration Platform
Ricardo Segundo Cochran, OPP Group 

8. Innovators (Wednesday Only)
Session Sponsor: Canola Council of Canada

Winning Innovations for the F.X. Aherne Prize in Innovative Pork 
Sponsored by KWS Cereals USA & Schippers Canada Ltd. 

Finalist Presentations for the R.O. Ball Young Scientist Grad Student Competition