Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are presented both Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates will be able to choose two morning breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday) and two afternoon breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday).   
*program is subject to change

Morning Breakout Sessions

1. Feed & Nutriton
Sponsored by: dsm-firmenich

Food & Fuel Industry Co-Products: Considerations for Swine Nutrition Programs
Jay Squire
Sponsored by: Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health

Amino Acids as Functional Nutrients for Pig Health
Dan Columbus, Prairie Swine Centre

2. Piglet Management
Sponsored by: Canadian Pork Council

Nutrition & Management of Weaned Pigs Fed Low Zinc Diets
Mike Tokach, Kansas State University
Sponsored by: Alberta Animal Nutrition Lectureship

Weaning Age Impact on Piglet & Sow Performance - Is Higher Always Better?
Luc Dufresne, Demeter Veterinary Services
Sponsored by: DanBred Ltd.

3. Technology

Point of Care Using Real Time Data in Sow Barn
Matthew Rooda, SwineTech

ProHog Management – A Refresh on Margin
Steve Dziver, Commodity Professionals
Sponsored by: Grand Valley Fortifiers

4. Innovators

Winning Innovation for the F.X. Aherne Prize in Innovative Pork Production

Finalist Presentations for the R.O. Ball Young Scientist Grad Student Competition

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

5. Genomics
Sponsored by: RDAR

What is Genomic Selection & What Has Been Its Impact On Current Genetics
Tom Rathje, DNA Genetics
Sponsored by: PigGen Canada

Individual SNP Effects & Interesting Applications in Pig Breeding
Egbert Knol. Topigs Norsvin
Sponsored by: PigGen Canada

Indicators & Genetics of Disease Resilience
Jack Dekkers, Iowa State University
Sponsored by: PigGen Canada

Round Table Discussion

6. Grow-Finish Management
Sponsored by: Robinson Bioproducts

Feeding & Management of Grow-Finish Pigs
Dan Bussieres, Groupe Ceres
Sponsored by: Novus International Inc.

Taking Care of Basics
Ken Engele, Prairie Swine Centre
Sponsored by: Zoetis

Effect of Space Allowance & Marketing Strategy on Production Performance of Grower-Finisher Pigs
Willem Steyn, SwiNE Nutrition
Sponsored by: Hipra Animal Health

7. Sow Management
Sponsored by: Jefo Nutrition Inc.

Where Have All the Gilts Gone? The Impact of Mortality & Removals on Gilt Retention
Jayne Jackson, PigChamp
Sponsored by: Minitube Canada

Nutrition and Feeding Behaviour of High Producing Sows in the Age of Global Warming
Bruno Silva, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Sponsored by: Jyga Technologies

Prop 12 Sow Management - Lessons Learned
PJ Corns, JBS Live Pork
Sponsored by: Modern Veterinary Therapeutics

8. Health
Sponsored by: DNA Genetics

Internal Biosecurity - Is There Value For You?
Brad Chappell, Topigs Norsvin
Sponsored by: Neogen

Update on Sapovirus - An Industry Perspective
Matt Ackerman, Pork Vet Solutions
Sponsored by: Merck Animal Health

Streptococcus zooepidemicus Impact on the Hog Industry
Richard Rusk, Rusk Medical Corporation

Blisters, Exports & Foreign Animal Disease Reporting- The Unexpected Impacts of Seneca Valley Virus
Glen Duzier, Manitoba Agriculture
Sponsored by: Prevail Disinfectants