Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are presented both Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates will be able to choose two morning breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday) and two afternoon breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday).   
*program is subject to change

Morning Breakout Sessions

1. Water Quality

Getting the Most From Your Water Program
Susan Watkins, University of Arkansas
Sponsored by Barkman Concrete Ltd.

Do You Know About Your In Barn Water Quality & How to Improve It
Martine Giguère, Agro-Bio Contrôle inc.

2. Feeding

Precision Nutrition
Brent Frederick, Provimi
Sponsored by Cargill

Reducing Feed Costs in Grow-Finish: Alternative Feedstuffs and Production Strategies
Eduardo Beltranena, University of Alberta
Sponsored by FeedFlo

3. Human Resources

Love the one You’re With... Staff Training and Development
Dennis Robles, Swine Health Professionals Ltd.

When Stress is More Than a Season
Lesley Kelly, High Heels & Canola Fields
Sponsored by: Kemin

4. Innovators

Winning Innovation for the F.X. Aherne Prize in Innovative Pork Production
Sponsored by Innovative Heating Technologies & S.E.C. Repro inc.

Finalist Presentations for the R.O. Ball Young Scientist Grad Student Competition
Sponsored by Neogen

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

5. Management & Production

Benchmarking Production Trends & Mortality
Greg Bilbrey, PIC
Sponsored by Western Union Business Solutions

Are Your Piglets Ready to Fly the Coup?
Jessica Law, Prairie Livestock Veterinarians
Sponsored by Hipra Animal Health

Impact of Wean Age on Reproduction & Grow-Finish Performance
Brady McNeil, DNA Genetics
Sponsored by DNA Genetics

6. Sow Productivity

Optimizing Sow Reproduction Using the Latest Research
Dan Bussieres, Groupe Cérès Inc.
Sponsored by Walbern Agri-Systems

Nutrition as it Relates to Increased Sow Productivity
Erin Holmes, Cargill
Sponsored by Cargill

The Impact of Reproduction Technologies on Breeding Herd Efficiency
Kilby Willenburg, Fast Genetics
Sponsored by Minitube Canada

7. Welfare

Crate-Free Gestation Panel Discussion
Neil Booth, Maple Leaf Agri-Farms
Sponsored by Maple Leaf Agri-Farms

Daryl Possberg, Polar Pork Farms
Sponsored by Polar Pork Farms

Marvin Magwood, HyLife
Sponsored by Alltech

The Code of Practice 5 Year Review: Implications for Future Code Revisions
Yolande Seddon, University of Saskatchewan

8. Health

Applications of Next Generation Sequencing to Inform Disease Management Decisions for Livestock
Maria Clavijo, Iowa State University & PIC

Poop, Blood, Spit & Others: The Art of Sampling Pigs
Karine Talbot, HyLife Ltd.
Sponsored by Modern Veterinary Therapeutics

Vaccine Programs & On-Farm Application: How to Get the Most Out of It
Cordell Young, Precision Veterinary Services
Sponsored by: Zoetis Canada