Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are presented both Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates will be able to choose two morning breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday) and two afternoon breakout sessions (one Wednesday, one Thursday).   *program subject to change

Morning Breakout Sessions

1. Swine Health
Session sponsor: Canadian Pork Council

Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness: Is the Swine Industry Ready?
Chris ByraByra Consulting

Evaluating the Risk of Transboundary Disease Spread through Contaminated Feed Ingredients 
Scott Dee, Pipestone Veterinary Services

2. Animal Transport Issues
Session sponsor: h@ms marketing

Animal Welfare, Animal Rights: What’s the Difference?
Geraldine Auston, Ag & Food Exchange

Swine Transportation: Science-based Solutions to Current Issues
Luigi Faucitano, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

3. Sow Productivity
Session sponsor: Ajinomoto Heartland & Sunterra Farms

Farrowing Room Management
Alastair BrattonVerus Alliance
Egan Brockhoff, Prairie Swine Health Services
Sponsored by: Prairie Swine Health Services

Determinants of Lactation Success in Primiparous Sows
Nathalie Trottier, Michigan State University

4. Labour Management
Session sponsor: Western Hog Exchange

Building, Managing and Retaining High Performance Teams
Kristen Cumming, Cantos Performance Management

Changing Landscape of Agricultural Labour 
Ken Linington, Flower Canada Growers Inc.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Breeding Technologies

Session sponsor: Carlo Genetics

Editing the Genome for PRRSV Resistance: Where Can We Go From Here?
Randall Prather, University of Missouri

Current Strategies & Technology for Reproductive Management of Gilts & Sows
George Foxcroft Lectureship in Swine Production Recipient - sponsored by Jupiter Agro-Biotech Inc.
Stephen Webel, JBS United 
Speaker Sponsor: JBS United

Application of Sexed Sperm in Pig Production
Kilby Willenburg, Fast Genetics
Speaker Sponsor: Fast Genetics

6. Sow Housing Conversions
Session Sponsor: New Standard West Equipment

Avoiding Land Mines Converting to Loose Sow Housing
Mark Fynn, Manitoba Pork

Of Pigs and People: Training for the Transition from Stalls to Pens
Tom Parsons, University of Pennsylvania 

ESF Experiences 
Kevin Stuckey, Cooper Farms

7. Reduced Antibiotic Use
Session sponsor: Diamond V & Nutrition Partners Inc.

Nutritional Strategies to Establish a Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Swine
Leo den Hartog, Trouw Nutrition
Speaker Sponsor: Trouw Nutrition 

Canadian Alternatives for Dietary Antibiotics as Growth Promotants
Martin Nyachoti, University of Manitoba

Intestinal Microbiome to Enhance Infection Resistance in Pigs
Ben Willing, University of Alberta

8. Innovators (Wednesday Only)
Session sponsor: Masterfeeds

Winning Innovations for the F.X. Aherne Prize in Innovative Pork
Sponsored by: Pancosma & ChemoMetec A/S

Finalist Presentations for the R.O. Ball Young Scientist Grad Student Competition